Release 0.14

Posted on July 25, 2017 by Dmitry Ivanov

The 0.14 section in the CHANGELOG has only one entry:

 * yi-core now doesn't depend on dyre.
   Dynamic configuration support is now provided by yi-dynamic-configuration package.

(This is also a good moment to plug a post about why you should have a CHANGELOG file)

See the previous post on what dyre is and how it’s used in Yi.

The benefits of this change are:

I intend to write another post about ongoing modularization of Yi and how it went from one package to a dozen in the last five years and what’s next in this direction.

There are still areas where user experience is much worse than it should be (in both static and dynamic configurations):

If you feel any of it can be an interesting task, you’re very welcome to join! Here are some relevant tickets (but don’t let these limit you):